Technical Account Manager


The Technical Account Manager (TAM) is a critical role specifically designed to provide leadership, management, and guidance to managed IT clients. The TAM role requires the ability to understand client business operations and priorities, relationship-building skills, excellent communication, organization and prioritization skills, attention to detail, and some knowledge of business technology for small and mid-sized businesses. The TAM delivers a wide range of service and value to our clients, including:

  • Account management of managed IT clients
  • Advisory for small and medium businesses including technology infrastructure planning to support the client’s business goals
  • Business development for current clients (cross-sell, up-sell, projects, and renewals)
  • Project direction (stakeholder role) for infrastructure projects
  • Performance metrics collection and distribution to client leadership
  • Building strong and productive interpersonal relationships among 3coast Services leadership, the executives of clients, and key client personnel
  • Smooth transition into the TAM program after onboarding
  • Assist in collection of outstanding invoices

The TAM is the primary point of contact for managed IT support clients after onboarding is complete, and reports to the President of 3coast Services. This allows others in the organization to focus on new business (hunting), while the TAM and delivery team provides service after the sale. Business development within existing managed IT support clients (farming) is the responsibility of the TAM.

Other responsibilities include reviewing ticket survey results, identifying opportunities to proactively improve client productivity, validating supported user counts, and performing client satisfaction calls to key client users, and client relations in general.

Primary Goal

The TAM’s primary business objective for 3coast Services is to protect the managed IT revenue stream from its recurring revenue clients. Happy clients stay clients long-term, and one of our goals is to maximize the lifetime value of clients by minimizing attrition, or churn. Happy clients also provide referrals and positive references.

Success Metrics

The TAM role is a critical one that is instrumental in the success of 3coast Services. It is a position of high visibility, internally and externally, and competitive differentiation. Several metrics are used to measure the success of our business, and the success of the TAM role:

  • Attrition rate, or churn rate, should be minimized, and should decrease over time
  • Monthly recurring revenue should be maximized, and should increase over time
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) should be maximized, and should increase over time
  • Project revenue from managed IT support client should grow over time, as our book of business increases, as the breadth of our services increases, and as our clients invest in the technologies that run their business
  • Client profitability should improve over time, as we improve the infrastructure, address root causes, and resolve issues proactively.

Key Activities

Several client-facing activities have been determined to be instrumental in maximizing client satisfaction, and keeping clients happy over the long-term.

  • Meeting with client stakeholders on a regular schedule, based on client size
  • Proactive recommendations based on our analysis of the client’s infrastructure
  • Upgrading client infrastructure to a defined standard on a planned and measured schedule
  • Aligning IT initiatives to client business needs and objectives
  • Timely delivery, synthesis, and presentation of monitoring, support metrics, and satisfaction survey reports
  • Check-in’s with key client users (owners, owner’s families, executives)
  • Executive relationship-building between 3coast Services executives and client executives
  • Truing up user / device counts and invoice amounts in order to ensure invoice accuracy
  • Planning for and effectively selling agreement renewals

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