Cyber Security

Feel more confident that your organization is secured with our end-to-end advisory, protection and monitoring services. We proactively detect and prevent potential threats before they reach your network.

Effective barriers between your business and the risks to ensure its safety and resilience for years to come.

With cyber threats on the rise, it is more important than ever to protect your organization and maintain regulatory compliance to ensure business continuity. With 3coast ’s Cyber Security solutions, you’ll never have to worry about breaches that can severely damage your business, reputation, employees, clients, and assets.

We will gladly meet with you, analyze your business and existing technology, and create a robust security plan to lock down your data, keep you compliant, and prepare you against the rising tide of cybercrime. Our consultants are highly experienced in advising small-business owners, and our powerful solutions will keep your network safe, no matter how or where you connect.

3coast ’s Cyber Security solutions will help you:

  • Reduce risks - we’ll spot the weaknesses in your security strategy and show you how to better protect your network and data
  • Mitigate threats - we’ll limit the impact of threats and breaches with proactive 24/7 monitoring and highly reliable IT security layers
  • Achieve compliance - we’ll ensure your systems adhere to the latest state and industry regulations

Managed IT Support

Eliminate the hassles and high costs of in-house IT maintenance and obtain full-service support and expertise with 3coast ’s complete managed services, customized to your business’s needs.

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Office 365 & Migrations

Enjoy better collaboration and communication with fewer costs and resources. 3coast will seamlessly migrate you to our productivity-boosting cloud-based platforms without disrupting your day-to-day processes.

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If your business relies on phone services to develop relationships and communicate with clients and vendors on a daily basis, 3coast ’s VoIP solutions are what you need. With VoIP, you can enjoy sophisticated communication technologies -- without the high costs.

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IT Projects

Some IT projects turn out better with expert guidance. 3coast ’s dedicated team will help with the execution and monitoring of your projects to ensure things go smoothly -- on time and on budget -- from start to finish.

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