VoIP Phone Systems

If your business relies on phone services to develop relationships and communicate with clients and vendors on a daily basis, 3coast ’s VoIP solutions are what you need. With VoIP, you can enjoy sophisticated communication technologies -- without the high costs.

Enjoy enterprise-level business communications without breaking the bank

With 3coast ’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution, expensive long-distance calls and annoying phone delays are put to rest. Modern and easy-to-use, VoIP technology eliminates the need to invest in phone hardware and keeps your phone costs low for as long as you have a high-speed internet connection.

Featuring crystal-clear voice quality and a host of advanced features such as video conferencing, unified messaging, and internet faxing, this IP-based telecommunications platform serves as a more powerful solution to expand your reach and strengthen your business' voice communications.

3coast ’s VoIP solutions give your business:

  • Lower costs - lets you save on long-distance calls and international rates
  • Increased mobility - lets you keep pace with the demands of a mobile workforce
  • User-friendly systems - a simple interface makes it easy for your staff to use
  • Reliability - you can ditch your phone company, as we’re here to provide support
  • Flexibility - lets you work from anywhere with an iOS or Android device
  • Scalability - lets you add or remove phones any time and pay only for what you use

Managed IT Support

Eliminate the hassles and high costs of in-house IT maintenance and obtain full-service support and expertise with 3coast ’s complete managed services, customized to your business’s needs.

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Gain access to a CIO’s high level of knowledge and expertise without the expense of having a full-time officer on staff. Our vCIO solution will provide insight into how to implement the right technologies at the right time to take your business to the next level.

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Cyber Security

Feel more confident that your organization is secured with our end-to-end advisory, protection and monitoring services. We proactively detect and prevent potential threats before they reach your network.

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IT Projects

Some IT projects turn out better with expert guidance. 3coast ’s dedicated team will help with the execution and monitoring of your projects to ensure things go smoothly -- on time and on budget -- from start to finish.

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